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How much can the Ghana Women’s Premier League benefit from its endorsement deal from Malta Guinness?

Women's Premier League

Following the surge in excitement garnered from the Betpawa Premier League announcement, the Ghana Football Association unveiled a lucrative Malta Guinness Women’s Premier League deal as well!

How much is the Malta Guinness endorsement deal for the Women’s Premier League? And would it be the catalyst needed to spark interest? Well, Jamie says…

The 3-year sponsorship deal is similar in length to the one signed with Betpawa earlier this week (more on that here) and is worth GH₵10m! Personally, I think it is exactly what the Ghanaian football industry has been crying out for, and this should easily catapult the women’s game in the country to new heights of professionalism and success!

With that being said…

As with the men’s side of the game, the clubs that either ply their trade in the Women’s Premier League in Ghana, or aspire to do so, need to also seek sponsorship deals as well individually to be capable of rubbing shoulders with the very best on the continent (and beyond).

Women's Premier League
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The Ghana Football Association (as well as the other major stakeholders in the game) need to also take a page out of the recent successes of nations such as the US and England and advocate for more equality both at the professional and grassroots level to ensure they make massive inroads in securing the future of the game as well. For the full story regarding the partnership deal with Malta Guinness for the Women’s Premier League, kindly click here!

Agree or disagree with my submission?

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Thanks for reading the article, and let’s see what the future has in store for Ghana’s Women’s Premier League!

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