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How would the new BetPawa Premier League sponsorship enhance the Ghanaian football experience?

Betpawa Premier League

Ghanaian football fans were awash with excitement, following the unveiling of BetPawa as the new headline sponsor of the Ghana Premier League, which for the next 3 years will be known officially as the BetPawa Premier League.

What should Ghanaians expect from this new BetPawa Premier League deal? Well, Jamie says…

The 3-year deal, worth $ 6 million, will see the online betting company provide locker room bonuses for the clubs, as well as construct a park/pitch at the Ghanaman Soccer Centre of Excellence in Prampram, which will be known as the BetPawa pitch. As one can imagine, it’s a really big deal for the football industry in Ghana, especially when you take into account the absence of a title sponsor for the Premier League for the last 7 years.

This will undoubtedly make Ghanaian football more marketable, and in the process attract more sponsors for not just the Premier League, but potentially the lower divisions as well, thus providing clubs with that much-needed financial support and easing the burden that comes with running clubs (see my previous article on how to make Ghanaian football more marketable over here).

What else should we hope for?

It is my hope that, following the unveiling of the Betpawa Premier League, more businesses get to partner with or invest in Ghanaian football, not only to allow Ghanaian clubs to develop and flex their financial muscles while upgrading the image of their clubs but also to create opportunities for the wider Ghanaian economy as a whole.

Do you agree with my submission? Disagree? Or have something to share?

Feel free to interact with me in the comments section below! To read the full story with regards to the Betpawa Premier League announcement, kindly click here!

Thank you all for reading the article, and God bless Ghanaian football!

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