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Verifie Gh organizes free health screening at Legon in build up to World AIDS Day activities


In anticipation of World AIDS Day which occurs on the 1st of December every year, Ghanaian sexual health education group Verifie is organizing a free health screening at the University Of Ghana on the 25th of November 2023.

Where on campus would the health screening be held?

The health screening would take place in front of the Pentagon Hostel (also known as Pent Hostel) and would take place from 11 am. The “Let’s Have a Quickie” theme is to help instill the need to not only encourage people to get tested regularly, but also to abstain, practice safe sexual activities, and use protection when engaging with their sexual partners.


What other activities would patrons be taking part in when attending this event? Which companies are supporting the event? Well, Jamie says…

In addition to the free health screening, there would be counseling sessions provided by qualified members of Verifie, great food, and of course, the opportunity to have wonderful conversations and also catch great vibes. The event is being ably supported by Appointed Time Printing, Blue Skies, Kasapreko Company Ltd, German Corporation, DeveloPPP, Golden Electronics LTD, GIZ,  and  UNAIDS

Want to get in touch with Verifie?

You can interact with Verifie by either visiting their website or connecting with them on their Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter), and Instagram accounts.

Thank you all for your time, and we hope to see you on Saturday!

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