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Italian Trade Agency launch Italian Pavilion exhibition to enhance growth of Ghanaian-based Italian businesses

Italian Trade Agency

The Italian Trade Agency launched another Italian Pavillion exhibition at the PrintPlastPark & AgroFood Ghana 2023 event in Accra on the 23rd of November 2023 to allow for unity and collective growth within the Italian business community in Ghana and the West African sub-region.

Wondering who benefitted from this recent Italian Pavilion Exhibition? Well, Jamie says…

In attendance at the exhibition were the Irritec Group, Studio Techino Appiani, Pietrebiasi, PiGo, Arol Group, Sud Capsule, and Sacmi.

Who partnered with the Italian Trade Agency in organizing this exhibition?

This exhibition was a collaboration between the Italian Embassy, the Italian Trade Agency, and prominent Italian industrial associations such as Ucima, Amaplast, Acimga, and Assofoodtech.

Hoping to know more about the Italian Trade Agency?

You can connect with their Accra office by either clicking on this link, or by calling them on +233(0)552571900. You can also visit their Linkedin, Instagram, and YouTube.

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