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Why the Occupy JulorBi House Protesters will not relent

Occupy JulorBi House

On the 21st of September 2023, a reasonably sized group of Occupy JulorBi House protesters gathered around the Jubilee House for what they hoped would be a peaceful protest against the hardships the citizens of Ghana are currently facing. Events that transpired after that somehow led to at least 49 arrests and various reports of people being assaulted, as well as other reports of others being intimidated by the police.

The question on everyone’s lips and thoughts, is how does a peaceful protest result in so many arrests?

How did the circumstances surrounding the Occupy JulorBi House escalate so quickly? Well, Jamie says…

According to the official X handle of the Ghana Police Service, the 49 were arrested in “connection with an unlawful assembly and violation of the Public Order Act”. (Tweet available here)

Now, there is a bone of contention between Democracy Hub (The organizers of the Occupy JulorBi House Protest) and the Ghana Police Service as to whether the police were legally mandated to accost or prevent the protesters from going about their planned activity.

From what I’ve understood (and I stand to be corrected and educated further on the matter), as long as the matter is still being deliberated on, the police shouldn’t have prevented or obstructed the protests. If I am right, then you can understand why that would go on to rile up the already angry people who are merely trying to express their displeasure on the various injustices and poor policies around them.
The country isn’t exactly coming out on top with regards to the war on illegal mining, Ghanaians continue to leave the shores of the country in their droves, mostly due to a lack of reasonable job opportunities, and prices of basic amenities continue to skyrocket, and the gap between the classes continues to widen.

How long was the protest meant to run for?

The Occupy JulorBi House protest was originally meant to run from the 21-23 of September 2023.

What do I expect to happen next?

I expect that the movement for change wouldn’t end with the protest. I trust that the people would ensure that reforms are made and it is my hope that our leaders actually listen with the hope of making a difference in the lives of the people they claim to serve. That being said, I regret to say that I have my doubts; successive governments have let Mother Ghana down, doing the bare minimum when in office and constantly relying on playing the blame game. This can’t in any way, shape, or form be a pleasant sight to the average person breaking their back to survive, all while their elected officials thrive off their sweat. This needs to stop!

To the Occupy JulorBi House protesters… I say this

Above all, please stay safe. While I have not (and most likely will not) physically joined the protest, I commend you for being bold enough to speak out in an effort to fix the country. May it not be in vain, May your voices not be muffled, and may God bless our homeland Ghana!

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