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Deborah Macauley launches first online book titled In My Head

Deborah Macauley

They say you always remember your first, so you can imagine how thrilled this young Ghanaian author and artist Deborah Macauley must be after she successfully launched her first online book titled In My Head recently!

Wondering what In My Head is about? Well, Jamie says…

Deborah Macauley
Front Cover of Deborah Macauley’s In My Head book

In the words of the author, who is a 22-year-old at the University of Ghana, Legon who resides in the nation’s capital, Accra with her parents and 4 siblings, “It’s a coming-of-age novel that showcases people at different stages of their lives and development. The story is told from three perspectives and it speaks of different characters whose lives are all somehow intertwined. The book talks about the pains of growing older while simultaneously talking about its freedoms and the roller coaster of emotions we go through in different seasons of our lives”.

Deborah goes on to describe herself by saying “I’ve not always been a painter and author but I’ve always been a dreamer. And for me, these two modes of expression came to me as outlets at my most difficult times.

Deborah Macauley
Deborah Macauley posing with her first book, titled In My Head

A lot of people have coping mechanisms for when life was hard and they needed an escape from it all. For me, that was art and writing. I got to escape into worlds of my own creation and get my mind off the things I would have to face at dawn. Art and writing bring me peace. And I also write because I’d like to share my thoughts with people and connect on our shared experience. I suppose I’d like for people to find a sense of peace in my art and writing. Their very own haven. Away from the world”.

Deborah Macauley
Back Cover of Deborah Macauley’s In My Head book

Wish to connect with Deborah Macauley? Or purchase the book?

You can interact with Deborah on her Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat handles. The In My Head book is currently available on Kobo for $0.99 and will soon be available as well on Amazon. Interested patrons can also contact Deborah Macauley on her number +233(0)506552683.

Thanks for the time, and I hope you all enjoy grabbing and reading a copy of the book!

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