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Goddess Ginger
February 7, 2020

Goddess Ginger advises youth with Suro Nipa

Controversial Ghanaian musician; writer, nude model and massage therapist; Goddess Ginger; has gone the extra mile to advise the youth on the characters of people they interact with; through her new single Suro Nipa.

Wondering where you might have come across the name Goddess Ginger? Jamie says…

As hinted earlier; the artiste formerly known as Ginger Caramel has gained a lot of notoriety on social media in the past; due to her extremely interesting personality and also from how she promotes her marketable featuresAnd while her sexy, edgy persona may have raised more than a few eyebrows in the past; she wants you to duly acknowledge the depth and also the range of skill of her voice. Following the good publicity of her previous single; Driving Me Crazy (Which, of course, you can listen to on her Soundcloud by also clicking here); Suro Nipa; which is produced by Kojo Monday; promises to be an eye-opener; as she askes us to be wary and to remain guarded as we interact with different people regularly.

Goddess Ginger

The official artwork for Suro Nipa; the new single from Goddess Ginger

Wish to connect?

You can connect with Goddess Ginger on her Twitter; as well as her Instagram and also her Snapchat. And as always; keep looking out for juicy content on your favourite blog; The Brew Show!


The official SoundCloud link for the song is available here! Enjoy!!!

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