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Let’s enjoy where I dey, the new jam from Mikey Gh!

Mikey Gh

Ghana is blessed with a lot of great new talents in the music industry. Well; let’s create room for another contender who aims to seize the throne; as Mikey Gh drops his new banger, titled Where I dey!

Why do we need to listen to another new act? Jamie says…

Mikey Gh
Mikey Gh

Each of the new guys on the block is bringing something different to the mix, and the same applies to this artiste right here. Where I Dey is an afrobeat track that has a bit of advice; while also keeping you banging your head and swaying to the rhythm. And while we on The Brew Show were already familiar with Mikey Gh (Born Michael Brookman-Amissah)’s range of skills through his two appearances on Stinjah’s Nakupenda EP; this song takes our appreciation of his craft to a much higher level, and we couldn’t be happier!

Mikey Gh
It’s time to enjoy Where I dey; the brand new single from Mikey Gh!

How can we listen to the song? and how can we connect with Mikey Gh?

Mikey is not just active, but also available on his Instagram, Apple Music, Twitter, Audiomack, Facebook, Spotify, and SoundCloud platforms. As always; I’ll like to thank all of you for the support, and let’s continue to share, interact and comment on posts from the blog. Have a great weekend everyone!

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