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Marince Omario returns with new Moni single pack!

Marince Omario

Oblitey is back! Marince Omario returns to stake claim to the throne of the competitive space that is Ghanaian music with his new single Moni, produced by uncle Panji Anoff and featuring Kusun ensemble.

What’s Marince Omario bringing to the table this time around? Well, Jamie says…

Moni is rooted in Ga traditional instrumentation and adds to the unique Ga vibe to the song. It describes the fantastical ways Marince Omario would splurge and live lavishly with his acquired wealth.  In this uncle Panji and Kusun Ensemble-produced masterpiece, Marince fuses a blend of singing and rap to tell his wild wishes of spending his hard-earned “moni” he “trapped” for.

He opens his first verse in his native Ga saying he gets quite frustrated without money on his person and asks rhetorically in the opener of his second verse “who wouldn’t want to have money? Who wants to be with nothing?”. A man to an extent is valued by the weight of his pockets, for that reason, Oblitey can not stop but traps to keep his pockets fat to cater to his numerous girlfriends’ wishes.

Wishing to stream the song?

You can get access to Moni from Marince Omario by clicking on this link! You can connect with the artiste by either visiting his website here, or alternatively by following him on his Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels!


Thanks for reading the article, and I hope you enjoy the music!

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