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Bobby Lee seeks to be a mainstay on your playlists with his Random single

Bobby Lee

Hip Hop is a tough genre to break into and remain relevant in, but Ghanaian rapper Bobby Lee seems ready to do just that with his new single Random, featuring Baron Nii!

Just who is Bobby Lee, and what should we know about this new single? Jamie says…

Born Bright Bobie Owusu; Bobby Lee, also known as Bobby Lee Beaudoin or BOB, is an Awoshie based artiste who lives and breathes music. His rap style is evidently influenced by some of the greats, such as Nas, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem among others, which I’m sure you’d agree with once you listen to this single. Random was expertly produced by Copper Beats, and is a track you could listen to if you enjoy wordplay and hard bars, with neither artiste leaving any stone unturned in that regard.

Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee Random cover art

How do we listen to the song? And also how can we connect with him as well on social media?

You can stream Random via the artiste’s Audiomack channel. Alternatively, you can follow his Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram for more information. Thank you for spending time to follow or read this article, and as always, keep interacting with The Brew Show on our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube channels. I wish you all a very good week, and please stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Bobby Lee seeks to be a mainstay on your playlists with his Random single

  1. Y’all have to listen to the song. This guy is cursed with knowledge. BLESS UP CHAMP🔥🔥

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