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Maiden E.N.T Hub Startup Nexus lives up to its billing

E.N.T Hub Startup Nexus

Saturday saw the maiden E.N.T Hub Startup Nexus held as young entrepreneurs came to seek much-needed tips and gain key connections, and it did not disappoint!

Whose idea was this E.N.T Hub Startup Nexus? And what what went down on the day? Jamie says…

The event was the brainchild of the founder of the E.N.T Hub, Alexis Laura Daniels. It was emceed on the night by David “MC Breezy” Quaye and yours truly (my very first gig as an MC). The event had a star-studded panel consisting of Emmaline Datey, Sir Ray Smith and “Futurist Kwame”, also known as Kwame Opoku; who all delivered undeniable pearls of wisdom that no doubt had the audience in their Oliver Twist mode and asking for more!!!

How do we position ourselves to capitalize on the next opportunity from the E.N.T Hub?

One must simply follow E.N.T Hub on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also LinkedIn channels. In addition, you can call/WhatsApp on +233(0)553807129 should you prefer. Additionally; you can also connect with Alexis Laura Daniels via not only her Instagram, but also her Facebook page, Twitter, and her LinkedIn profiles. As always, please connect and also interact with The Brew Show on our FacebookTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn platforms. Thank you all for your time, and have a great week!

22 thoughts on “Maiden E.N.T Hub Startup Nexus lives up to its billing

    1. I fully agree. Sometimes all we need is a person who’s willing to share experiences with us, and it goes a long way to shaping our paths in the process

    1. The E.N.T Hub keeps progressing in leaps and bounds. I look forward to writing, attending, and hopefully keep playing an active role in all their future events!

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