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BSIFF 2022 officially unveils theme for 7th edition this September

BSIFF 2022

The theme for BSIFF 2022, the 7th edition of the Black Star International Film Festival, has officially been unveiled; “Inspiring The Business of Film In Africa” sends a clear message to all creatives across the continent, and beyond!

When is the BSIFF 2022 happening? Well, Jamie says…

This edition of the film festival will take place from the 20th-25th of September 2022. The Festival director for the Black Star International Film Festival, Philippa Bentuma Arthur, had this to say about the launch of this edition.

BSIFF 2022

The Black Star International Film Festival (visit their website here) is a not-for-profit festival, with the vision to position Ghana as a film tourist destination. In addition, the festival; which was established in 2015; also seeks to bridge the gap between African cinema and the rest of the world; as well as also create global connections through film. You can connect with the Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF) via their FacebookYouTubeInstagramLinkedin, and also Twitter social media channels.

For more information on the categories for this year’s film festival, kindly click here!

BSIFF 2022
official artwork for the BSIFF 2022

Thanks for reading the article, and hope to see you at the film festival!

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