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Darkua wows TV3’s Giovani and music lovers alike with breathtaking Showbiz360 performance


Ghanaian singer and songwriter Darkua left a beautiful impression on the minds of Ghanaian music lovers, and in particular Giovani Caleb following her scintillating performance and the subsequent interview on Tv3’s Showbiz360 program last week!

Wondering what Giovani had to say to Darkua during their chat? Well, Jamie says…

You know you’ve got a serious moneymaker when Giovani says “this voice is here to stay, we are not giving you permission to give up“, which is really high praise for the artiste, who has been singing intentionally for just over a year. Following the success of her maiden single Amelelor last year, the artiste, born Naa Darkua Chinoye Wristberg, who was recently nominated for the “Emerging Woman of The Year” category at this year’s 3Music awards enjoyed even more recognition with her You and Go Low singles!

Wishing to interact with the artiste?

You can follow Darkua on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media channels, as well as her Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and many more! (Here’s her linktree!)

You can watch her perform here, as The Brew Show was lucky to watch her do her thing at an event the other day. Enjoy this one guys!

Thanks for reading the article, and let’s all keep tabs on this wonderful talent!

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