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Entitlement Mentality – the bane of the 21st century youth

Entitlement mentality

The entitlement mentality is defined in psychology as ” a sense of deservingness or being owed a favor when little or nothing has been done to deserve special treatment”. In summary, it’s a narcissistic attitude that can be simply described as the “you owe me” atitude. It’s a mindset I feel is the direct cause of some of the predicament the youth, particularly the unemployed continue to find themself in.

Why do I feel this entitlement mentality is a serious issue that must be nipped in the bud? Well, Jamie says…

I’ll use personal experiences in an attempt to paint the perfect picture. (N.B, all points, although they might seem far-fetched, are true)

  • It strains relationships – This is to all the guys out there, how many of you have been in a situation where you ask a girl on a date and she either shows up with her friends or suggests that her friends come along? I’m guessing a lot of you decided to distance yourself from the lady in question right? Or perhaps give her an earful/tongue lashing? Yeah, I can’t say I’ll blame you if you did any of those things. In 2019, I had one lady demand I take her to a particular restaurant, simply because her friends said it was the place to be, and actually had the gall to ask me not to take her out anymore if we don’t go there. Well, not only did we not go there (or anywhere)Y, but I “rewarded” myself by purchasing a new video game.
  • It damages reputations – So in 2020, I tried helping someone get a job. I went above and beyond in trying to pitch to a few people to give him working experience, and I was glad when another friend decided to grant him an interview. So imagine my dismay when this unemployed fellow managed in one stroke to damage both his and my reputation by going to this interview unkempt and high. You definitely read that right.
  • It breeds contempt/makes you toxic – For some weird reason, people possessing an entitlement mentality seem to get offended when you call them out on it.
  • It’s disrespectful – Disrespectful, inconsiderate, ill-advised, stupid, it’s all these words and more chale! Imagine trying to do good and then you encounter some leeches trying to ruin the moment because they feel they have the right to do so? This entitlement mentality thing dey bore waa!

How do we rid people of this entitlement mentality mindset?

I don’t know about you guys, but I think if we continue to call them out, or publicly deny them of whatever it was they thought they were entitled to, then maybe, just maybe we could begin to reverse this unfortunate entitlement mentality trend.

Thanks for reading the article! Do you agree, or disagree with me on this?

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4 thoughts on “Entitlement Mentality – the bane of the 21st century youth

  1. Nice piece but I wish you could do a further explanation on what entitlement mentality is especially for hearing it for the first time.

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