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Nova Records & The Woods present NYA’s the Euphoria Vol. 1!

Nova Records

The Woods at Osu will be the place to be on Wednesday the 6th of April 2022, as Nova Records present NYA’s  Euphoria Vol.1, an event guaranteed to leave you spellbound!

Who else is billed at Euphoria Vol.1? And what else does Nova Records have in store? Well, Jamie says…

Nova Records’ The Euphoria Vol.1 live event is expected to kick off at 6 PM on Wednesday! It will be hosted by AJ Ahenkan will not only see NYA take to the stage to promote her new project; but will also be graced by a lot of other amazing talents; such as Robbie IV, Darkua, Avit, Marince Omario, Essilfie, and Khalifina X! The duo expected to ensure the best sound possible at The Woods that evening would be none other than DJ Risky and also DJ GhBoi!
You might want to find an excuse duty for Thursday morning if you know you’re the type that loves to jam! Just putting it out there!

Which artiste are you looking forward to seeing perform the most? Do share in the comments section!

Thank you all for reading the article, and I hope to see you all there!

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