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HubSpot launches Bootstrap West Africa with Kulana


HubSpot, a leading global marketing, sales, and customer service platform, is partnering with Ghanaian innovative solutions tech company Kulana to launch a Bootstrap program to support startups in West Africa, with a primary focus on Ghana.

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How exactly would the bootstrap program from HubSpot and Kulana take shape? Well, Jamie says…

The Kulana team will set the ball rolling with a webinar with Ilario Savi, the Channel Account Manager, Africa for HubSpot, as part of a series of webinars across the sub-region. Startups participating in the bootstrap will be taught how to rapidly increase customer acquisition and long-term growth by developing a first-party data strategy. Participants will also be pleased to know they shall receive a 50% discount on all HubSpot tools.

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When will the bootstrap program take place? And how can one participate?

The event is taking place on Tuesday the 25th of October 2022 from 10 am GMT. The moderator for the event will be none other than Ato Abassah whole doubles as the Growth Hacker at Kulana. The aforementioned Ilario Savi will be joined by Isaac Oteng and Esther Dogbe, the Technical Consultant and Channels and Bid Manager respectively at Kulana.

flyer for the HubSpot Bootstrap program, in partnership with Kulana

Should you wish to enroll in the Bootstrap program, simply click on this link!

Thanks for the time, and wishing all participants the best in the program!

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