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Levels Pub to host special Val’s Day Movie Night!

Levels Pub

As we prepare for the day of love that is Valentine’s Day, Levels Pub at Weija has come up with a fantastic idea to attract and entertain couples on this special occasion with a movie night.

Where exactly is Levels Pub located? How much would it cost, and what else should we expect? Well, Jamie says…

Levels Pub is located adjacent to the ADB Bank at the Weija SCC junction on the Kasoa road. Those wishing to attend the event can enter for free, and can also expect a love-themed event full of romantic movies, music, dancing and so much more! The movie night is scheduled to start from 8 PM.


Although entry to the event in itself is free, it is worth noting that patrons will be required to pay for their food and drinks. For more information, kindly contact Levels Pub on either their Facebook or Instagram social channels! Alternatively, you can reach the organizers Nhiithecomic and Michael Eklu by calling them on +233(0)576070773, +233(0)558880164, and also +233(0)503455115.


The official DJs for the night are DJ Foxzy and DJ Dials, both of Pluzz FM! The main man for photography will be Nii Stormzy!

As a bonus, click here for some visual motivation!


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6 thoughts on “Levels Pub to host special Val’s Day Movie Night!

  1. The pure enjoyment of snuggling up, popcorn in hand, with someone you love for a good old-fashioned movie night at the Levels pub can’t be beaten. You can lounge around Levels pub this 14FEB. Not only that, everything you could ever need is right there at the Levels pub

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