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Monte Kutin’s Ekiki Me is for this perfect love

Monte Kutin

Monte Kutin, of the3one6 music group, has blessed us with a wonderful song in this season of love; and it’s titled Ekikime.

Want to know more about the song? Jamie says…

A piece which was inspired by a blissfully happy couple on their wedding day in 2019; Ekikime is a song about true love and the effect the right girl’s love has on him. It’s a simple concept, and it’s also extremely beautiful in its simplicity. The song is a delightful tune, and in my humble opinion; it’s not only going to receive massive airplay in subsequent months of February but will also be a mainstay at future weddings; due to the purity of the message in the song. Ekikime is produced by KiD MvGiC.

Monte Kutin
The official artwork of Ekikime, the new single from Monte Kutin

Wishing to follow Monte Kutin?

A member of both the 3one6 music group and the Love Economy Creatives; Monte is also available and active on his social media and other digital platforms. You can follow him on not only his Facebook but also his SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram. I hope you enjoy the song; and if you want to listen to it, kindly click here. Also, keep reading and interacting with The Brew Show, and I do truly appreciate your comments and feedback, so please keep them coming!

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