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Nicholas Seun Adatsi to host photo exhibition presented by Beads Inc

Nicholas Seun Adatsi

Ghanaian photographer, Nicholas Seun Adatsi will be hosting a photo exhibition, in an event which is presented by Beads Inc.

Where would the exhibition be held? And what should we expect to see from Nicholas Seun Adatsi?

Nicholas Seun Adatsi is a Ghanaian-based documentary photographer, whose interests and works span beyond the digital storytelling of complex social issues to documenting cultural rites (Ghanaian marriage ceremonies, puberty rites, funerals, naming ceremonies among others), rural Ghanaian lifestyle, and intimate rites of passage of clients. He is a BSc. Environmental Science graduate from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana with a lifelong dedication to photography. He finds pleasure in indulging in sharing photographs of awesome moments of nature and the need for conservation.

The photo exhibition will be held on Friday the 5th of August 2022 from 7-10 PM at 1st Klannaa Close, which is near the Ako-Adjei Park in Osu. For more information, call +233(0)271522709 or +233(0)555905410. Admission to the exhibition is free! Should you wish to register for the event, kindly click here.

Nicholas Seun Adatsi
The flyer for Nicholas Seun Adatsi’s photo exhibition

Wishing to connect?

You can see more of Nicholas’ work by visiting his website here. You can also connect with him via his Instagram and Facebook social media channels.

Thanks for reading the article, and hope to see you at the exhibition

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