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Ohenewaa of Lifeline Records shares steamy photo to promote debut single Shut Up


Sensational singer, Ohenewaa for the first time shares a photo of the brain behind her success after signing to the label “Lifeline Records”

Singer Ohenewaa is Ghana’s new musical sensation. With her debut latest single under the label “Shut up” the LifeLine Records signee is getting all the needed attention as a new entrant pushing her kind of sound on music lovers worldwide.

One thing that is not known is the man behind her growing music success, Mr Yoofi Boham, Chief Executive officer of Lifeline Records; an independent Ghanaian record label.

In the photo that made it to social media, the two are seen standing beside each other hopeful of the bigger opportunities ahead of them.

Why is Ohenewaa getting tongues wagging? Well, Jamie says…

Ohenewaa has a social media history of posting colleagues in her circle and this is just one of the few photos that just made it to the public.

Mr Yoofi Boham is the brain behind T-Blaze “Wosisi Y3 Woya” and Bestie” by Abochi, a song that currently has over 3 million views on YouTube and still counting…

Looking at this picture, it’s a little too close for comfort….Hmmmm…

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