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Introducing the Pour Football League

Pour Football League

Apologies in advance for lifting the lid on one of Ghana’s best-kept secrets of 2019

The European football season may have just ended; not to mention the Ghanaian football set-up may still need a long hard look at its present structures and how that affects our immediate as well as long-term future; but a unique variation of the beautiful game has given a new sense of excitement for some of its fans! Welcome to the Pour Football League

What am I talking about? And who are the participants?

Pour Football League
The official logo of Pour Sports Management; organizers of the Pour Football League

The maiden edition of the Pour Football League; a mini-football competition created by Pour Sports Management, with notable and commendable support from RJ Sports Consult; has quietly been winning over people, from all walks of life with a unique yet simple league format; played only on Saturdays with a fiery passion, astute organization and smash mouth style of social media promotion not seen in quite some time.

Pour Football League
The official logo of the Pour Football logo

Already with 7 matchdays under its belt; The PFL or PF League, in addition, has major plans to expand beyond its current league format; additionally coupled with discussions of also introducing a major cup competition being well advanced and is expected to be introduced before the end of 2019. The league currently consists of; and in no particular order; Kube FC, Onions FC; who happen to be the league leaders after round 7; Break and Pass FC, Nyameba FC, Transmed FC, Lads FC, Danrovers FC, and Total FC

Jamie says…

As a matter of fact; this is a wonderful concept; for which Pour Sports Management deserve massive accolades for. That being said; The Pour Football League must strive to get better, not just season by season; but also matchday by matchday for it to truly be a game-changer. Special mentions also go out to RJ Sports Consult; official partners of the league; for being exemplary visionaries.

Pour Football League
The official logo of RJ Sports Consult; partners of the Pour Football League

You can follow the Pour Sports Management group on their Twitter and Instagram social media channels.

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