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Prioritize your Mental Health

Mental Health

10th October is earmarked as World Mental Health Day. While the day may have come and gone, it does leave a serious question behind. Are you prioritizing your mental health?

Mental Health

Just how can we prioritize our mental health? Well, Jamie says…

Using my own self as a case study, my thoughts and ideas are everything to me. And with that in mind (pun not intended), I can’t bear to imagine how handicapped I’ll be if I’m unable to fully gather my thoughts to either write a story, or come up with a caption for a post on social media, or visualize a video in my head to later upload on Youtube. as such, I try to destress as much as I possibly can by either taking a walk, listening to music, binge-gaming, or getting on my phone and chatting with a friend. Others may also prefer sleeping, reading a book, or heading to the beach.

We do this because we know how easy it is to make stress overcome you and affect your mental health. The triggers are everywhere. Your job or school wahala, family drama, the traffic situation, the constantly depressing situation affecting your money. Any of these can cause you to feel overwhelmed. But that’s why you need to ensure it doesn’t get to you, as difficult as it sounds.

Mental Health
image courtesy of Healthway Medical Group

It’s gut-wrenching when I come across a post or hear of someone taking their own life, or seeing someone’s potential being wasted due to them being burdened by substance abuse. More often than not, the first thought running through my mind is, “what could we have done as a society to prevent this?” or “what pushed them to this point?”. While it may seem like everyone has their own cross to carry, there are a few things we can do for each other to help us not only get through the stressful times, but also ensure we stay light as a feather up there.

Mental Health
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I’m no expert, but here are a few of my tips

  • Talk to someone – So simple, yet so effective. A burden shared is a burden halved. Open up to someone you trust not to take advantage of your vulnerability and share what you’re comfortable with to them. In an ideal scenario, they might also divulge in you, and together you begin to address your issues and aid one another in dealing with them
  • Project your stress onto something – Some people find unique objects, such as a rubber band (which they’ll flick on their wrist) or a stress ball (which they’ll squeeze) that they use whenever they feel like blowing off some steam.
  • Meditate – Find a quiet space, and attempt to clear your head. If you need help doing this, find a youtube video on how to meditate, and curate a playlist of appropriate music to help you float away.
  • Take a step back – Sometimes, you simply need to detach yourself from whatever might be causing your stress levels, or wearing you down mentally.
  • Seek professional help – Approach a counsellor, therapist or anyone qualified to assist you to get the right care for your mind, depending on what’s afflicting your mental health. Your health is your wealth!

Hope this helps us all take care of our mental health guys

The little things go a long way, so please look out for the people you care about, and be there for anyone who may be in need of a friendly ear, a reassuring hug, or a shoulder to simply lean on. And remember, you’re never alone! Never take your mental health for granted, and be sympathetic toward the plight of others.

Thanks for reading the article guys

The Brew Show wishes each and every one of you a fabulous year full of excellent health, peace of mind, and success beyond your wildest dreams! I’d once again like to express my immense gratitude to all who’ve helped us along the way, especially my family, circle of friends, and my SantaMoga network!
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