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Project Scarlett officially unveiled by Xbox

Project Scarlett

Xbox gamers, rejoice! The 2019 E3 conference did not disappoint; delivering by confirming the much anticipated and discussed rumor that had been trending in the cybersphere; Xbox “Project Scarlett” is here!

When and what are we expecting?

The new console, with its name yet to be confirmed, is expected to be the most powerful gaming console ever designed; As a matter of fact, it easily surpasses its predecessor the Xbox One S; which is said to be at least 4 times faster than. Furthermore, gamers can expect to start playing by the end of 2020; with its launch expected to coincide with the holidays that year.

Project Scarlett
The reveal of “Project Scarlett” at the 2019 E3 Conference (image courtesy of

Microsoft says Project Scarlett would come equipped with an SSD and components capable of 8K resolution and 120 FPS. And it also made mention that it would not only drastically improve loading times for games; but also provide a clearer sound experience to ensure full immersion. By the same token; it is yet to be seen how this would be connected to Xbox’s XCloud;  the company’s answer to Google’s game streaming platform Stadia.

When are the full details of Project Scarlett; coming out?

Project Scarlett
Project Scarlett; the codename for Microsoft Xbox’s next console (image courtesy of

Microsoft is planning to use the E3 2020 conference; to officially release full details of its new console; including the official title, price, capacity, and games like “Halo Infinite” that it launches with, among other things.

Jamie says…

This competition in the gaming industry continues to grow and also live up to its billing; exceeding expectations. I can’t wait to see what Sony; who were conspicuous by their absence; has as a response to Project Scarlett through their PlayStation series.


The Project Scarlett eventually became the Xbox Series X and S consoles! (More on that here). Kindly visit for more information

XBox Series
Take a good look at the official prices of both the XBox Series X and also the S consoles (image courtesy of

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