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Rebirth Travel and Tours set for exciting cruise at Royal Senchi

Rebirth Travel And Tours

It’s been widely stated that it’s good to take a break and travel, and with that in mind, Rebirth Travel and Tours partners with The Royal Senchi resort to deliver an exciting cruise this July!

Just what exactly should people expect from this cruise from Rebirth Travel and Tours?

Those who’d embark on this trip, scheduled for the 3rd of July 2021, can expect to have breakfast provided by Koko King, visit the Shai Hills reserve, as well as The Royal Senchi resort, and its island, and also be treated to a photoshoot and another trip to the Adomi Bridge. The cost of the trip would be 450 GH and 850 GH for singles and doubles respectively, although you’d be required to make a 200 GH deposit to secure a seat for the trip.


How do we get in touch with the organizers?

To get in touch with Rebirth Travel and Tours regarding this trip, you can call them on +233(0)542720284. You can also check them out on both their Facebook and Instagram social media pages.
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