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Rwazi Data Services launch app to curb unemployment’s effects in Africa due to COVID-19

Rwazi Data Services

Rwazi Data Services, is a startup with headquarters in Mauritius and operates in over 40 countries in Sub Saharan Africa. The company uses the Rwazi mobile app to enable them to provide live data on the availability, visibility, and pricing of companies’ products vs their competitors; from traditional retail outlets, to optimize distribution and drive sales.

Wondering why Rwazi Data Services pursued this path? Jamie says…

“Companies in developing markets lack updated data which makes it difficult for them to make effective decisions when it comes to pricing and restocking of their products, hence failure to make strategic decisions leading to loss on sales”, said Joseph Rutakangwa, Founder & CEO of Rwazi. “Live data enables companies to save a lot of money which would have been used in intensive market research since our company already has the data companies are looking for to provide best services and products to consumers”.

The official logo of Rwazi Data Services

The company uses mappers who are qualified youths who use Rwazi mobile applications to collect data on consumer products at retail outlets in their neighborhoods, and they receive instant payments. Companies subscribe to a monthly plan, and Rwazi mappers then collect data on the pricing of their products; as well as availability, and how much shelves they occupy as compared to their competitors.

Wondering how the Rwazi Data Services might help you?

“We are delighted to be providing a solution to companies while employing the youths in Africa given the unemployment effects of the COVID-19 pandemic”; said Eric Sewankambo, Founder & CFO of Rwazi Ltd. “Africa has above 400 million youths who are actively searching for jobs, and of that number; above 200 million have smartphones, as such, being the ideal talent for Rwazi.”

Rwazi Data Services
Meet the founders of Rwazi, Joseph Rutakangwa and Eric Sewankambo ; who also double as the CEO and CFO respectively

As businesses begin supplying their products to more than one outlet; it becomes difficult to keep track of up to date quantities at each outlet. In light of this; if you are having problems restocking your products; losing out customers because of the unavailability of your products in shops or losing out on sales due to the high pricing of your products compared to your competitors; then Rwazi is the solution for you.

An infograph of the services rendered by Rwazi
Wondering just how much of an impact Rwazi has made?

Rwazi won awards in the Southern Africa Start-up Awards and the Melting Pot Innovation Summit. The company has also successfully tracked more than 100 products including Coca-Cola, Vaseline, Dangote Cement, Blue Band etc. Check out their website by visiting to learn more, or alternatively follow them on not only LinkedIn, and Facebook, but also Twitter, and Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

I do hope you enjoyed learning more about the Rwazi brand, and the Rwazi Data Services app as well (special mention going out to Melody Kapasura for all the information she provided), and as always do feel free to always interact with The Brew Show. Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

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