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Let this lovely Kojo Trip freestyle help us Sanitize!

Kojo Trip

Hello everyone; I do hope we’re all doing well, and also adhering to the health and safety guidelines set in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As I’m sure we’re all aware, we’ve been advised to wash our hands; or at least sanitize them as often as possible, am I right? Well; fast-rising rapper; Kojo Trip has come up with a fun way to remind us of our responsibilities while entertaining us at the same time, and it’s titled Sanitize!

Wondering how rap is going to help you sanitize or wash your hands? Jamie says…

Fresh off his Lumberjack EP; Kojo, in a close to 3-minute freestyle; initially describes how this pandemic is affecting his activities; while addressing the devastating impact of the disease. Later; he wisely advises each and every one of us to wash our hands or sanitize them (in a very catchy chorus, I might add). He also preaches the need for all to stay calm, while also wishing we had been forewarned about this. It’s a very tactful, well-planned piece of music; and from my personal viewpoint, it reminds us of what it means to be humane and responsible in these hard times.

Kojo Trip
The official cover art for Sanitize; the new fun, yet educative freestyle from Kojo Trip

Wishing to connect with Kojo Trip? Or do you desire to gain access to his music? Well…

Kojo Trip is available to connect with via his TwitterInstagram, SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, and Boomplay platforms. To listen or gain access to his Lumberjack Ep, kindly follow this link! And as always, do remember to keep supporting The Brew Show by following us on all our social media platforms, while also reading, commenting on and sharing our posts
Stay safe everyone!

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