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Santa ’09 to hold Hepatitis B Awareness Walk

Santa '09

Following the success of their Unity Walk in 2019, the 2009 year group of Adisadel College (Santa ’09) will be holding a Hepatitis B Awareness Walk in July 2022.

When is Santa ’09 organizing this, and what do we know about Hepatitis B? Well, Jamie says…

The Hepatitis B Awareness Walk will take place on Saturday, the 30th of July 2022, and will be from the Ayi Mensah toll booth to Aburi. Hepatitis B is a viral infection (caused by the HBV virus) that attacks the liver and can cause both acute and chronic disease, it is a major global health problem and puts people at high risk of death from cirrhosis and liver cancer. Hepatitis B is most commonly transmitted from mother to child during birth and delivery, as well as through contact with blood or other body fluids during sex with an infected partner, unsafe injections, or also from exposure to sharp instruments.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 296m people are living with the virus, with approximately 1.5m people getting infected each year. Hepatitis B is however preventable by the administration of readily available and effective vaccines. For more information on the virus, kindly click on this link!

Wishing to follow Santa ’09?

To stay up to date with updates on the Hepatitis B awareness walk, or regular activities of the year group, simply follow Santa ’09 on their Twitter page here! The hashtags to observe are #awalkwitme and #awalkwithazebra. Other schools that will be participating in the awareness walk are Moga ’09 (2009 year group of Mfantsiman Girls Senior High School) and Pojoba ’09 (The 2009 year group of Pope John’s Seminary)

Thanks for reading the article, and I hope to see you take part in the walk and by doing so, support a worthy cause!

The Brew Show wishes each and every one of you a fabulous year full of excellent health, peace of mind, and success beyond your wildest dreams! In light of us recently chalking our third anniversary, I’d once again like to express my immense gratitude to all who’ve helped us along the way, especially my family, circle of friends, and my SantaMoga network! As always, please connect and also interact with The Brew Show on our FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn, and Instagram platforms. Thank you all for your time, and do have a great year guys!!!


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