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Julius Fakta
September 12, 2019

Time to ride on Buzanga by Julius Fakta

Young vibrant afro-pop and highlife musical sensation; Julius Fakta, of Kass Multimedia; has come out with a brand new single titled Buzanga; a song masterfully produced by Richie.

What’s the 411 on Buzanga from Julius Fakta? Jamie says…

Following the success of another recent release titled Friday (also with its video available, to watch, simply click here); Julius Fakta’s Buzanga is a story of love overcoming all odds; regardless of the strength or otherwise of men in a relationship, especially in these modern times. Additionally, the artiste , who describes himself as “the best performer of his time” paints a picture of the video for the song by simply stating “No matter how broke you are as a guy, there will still be that one girl who will love you for you” . You don’t believe what he says? Just watch the video and decide afterward for yourself (incidentally, this video was also shot and directed by Kofi Asamoah, who is better known in media circles as Kofas Media)!

Wanna connect with the artiste on his digital platforms?

Julius Fakta is not only available but also very active on his Youtube channel , as well as Facebook, Twitter and also his Instagram!

Julius Fakta

It’s time to enjoy a ride on Julius Fakta’s Buzanga!

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