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Recap of the Covid-19 awareness initiative by Tribe Africa & Epikouria

Covid-19 Awareness

Following up on an earlier post indicating the need to support a Covid-19 relief fundraiser; I’m pleased to announce that yours truly joined both the Tribe Africa Foundation; as well as Epikouria Gh, in donating much-needed PPE’s; in addition to offering advice on practical safety measures; to the people of Obosomase; in Ghana’s Eastern Region.

Wondering what occurred during the trip? Jamie says…

Covid-19 Awareness
Members of both Tribe Africa & Epikouria proceeded to distribute hand sanitizers as well as other PPE’s to the township of Obosomase

After being well received by the chief and his noble delegation; we proceeded to inform them formally of our intention; to help protect the people of the town by providing them with PPE’s; thus in no small way also contributing to curbing the spread of the virus in the process. After also presenting the items and receiving his support; the teams went on to not only distribute the items but also spent time engaging the townfolk in dialogue to best communicate; the need to practice the required safety measures; as well as best use the items brought.

Covid-19 Awareness
Members of both the Tribe Africa Foundation as well as Epikouria Ghana pose with the Chief and his noble assembly during the covid-10 awareness trip to Obosomase

Wish to support or join us during our next Covid-19 awareness trip?

Covid-19 Awareness
The founders of both the Tribe Africa Foundation and Epikouria pose after a successful trip to Obosomase in a bid to raise more COVID-19 awareness

Both Epikouria Gh and also the Tribe Africa Foundation; are delighted to spare no expense in ensuring the safety of the everyday Ghanaian; during these testing times. In light of this; should you also desire to support or join either team on any of their subsequent trips; kindly proceed to call the following numbers; 0201752079 (Epikouria Gh) or 0202558623 (Tribe Africa Foundation) for more information on how you can also support their Covid-19 Awareness initiative. And as always; keep reading and also interacting with The Brew Show! Have a good night guys!

2 thoughts on “Recap of the Covid-19 awareness initiative by Tribe Africa & Epikouria

  1. An amazing trip, fun and educative engaging with the people of Obosomase on Covid 19 and how to protect themselves .
    Great article 👍

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