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Dr. Yacoba Atiase to launch new Let’s Talk Diabetes book

Yacoba Atiase

The Director of the National Diabetes Management and Research Centre and Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Yacoba Atiase, is launching a book titled, Let’s Talk Diabetes on the 18th of February 2023.

Why has Dr. Yacoba Atiase written this Let’s Talk Diabetes book? Well, Jamie says…

Dr. Atiase, who is also an endocrinologist at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, wrote this book to provide much-needed information to not only people with diabetes but also their families and caregivers.

Dr. Yacoba Atiase says “Diabetes education is integral in the management of diabetes. This handy book is packed with the information needed by all diabetes patients, discussing diabetes, its complications, and management. Using pictures and illustrations, diet, correct use of glucose meters, foot care, insulin storage, and injection are explained amongst others. Finally, frequently asked questions are answered. Health workers who manage diabetes patients will also find this very book useful as it simplifies diabetes education. If you have diabetes, have a relative with diabetes, manage patients with diabetes, or want to prevent diabetes, this book is for you”.

Yacoba Atiase
Official flier of Let’s talk diabetes, the new book by Dr. Yacoba Atiase

You can connect with Dr. Yacoba Atiase via her Twitter, and Linkedin accounts!

Thanks for the time, and hope to see you at the launch!

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