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Odum Events’ Golden Nugget program to help bolster businesses and networking experiences

Golden Nugget

After successfully hosting an event highlighting the ills of illegal mining in Ghana, Odum Events will be switching pace and on the 25th of February 2023, host the Golden Nugget!

What is this Golden Nugget? Well, Jamie says…

The Golden Nugget event is one which is designed to allow for the sharing of ideas and to enhance useful connections with fellow young business owners and entrepreneurs. In the words of Kojo Nathaniel Owusu, the founder of Odum Events, “As a young entrepreneur, I have a lot of questions, questions that can’t be answered by business books. These questions can only be answered by the experiences of fellow entrepreneurs who have been on the same path. As an Event Organizer, my vision is to curate events everyone can benefit from, events that solve problems. With my history with the Galamsey Art Exhibition, which garnered a lot of attention because it was a breath of fresh air and was addressing a very important national issue, I seek to achieve the same with The Golden Nugget, a business and networking experience for young entrepreneurs”.

This event is designed to provide a platform for business owners and young entrepreneurs to connect, network, and share ideas. It will be a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to meet and interact with like-minded individuals and learn from their experiences. I am a firm believer in the quote “Your Network is your Net Worth”. I believe this event will give young ambitious people the platform to network.

Where would Odum Events be organizing the Golden Nugget event? And who will be speaking?

The event, which will be moderated by Amu Mawutor, will take place from 4-7 PM at Club Smooth inside the Atlantic Mall on Legon-Atomic Road. The guest speakers will be Jacob Kwaku Gyan, the CEO of Adriot 360, Penelope Brooke Thompson, Founder & President of the African Center for Technical Training, Dr. Kojo Jones Mensah, the CEO of Empire Domus, Edward Debrah, Director of ED Consult, Fred Mawuli Deegbe, Founder & CEO of Heel The World, and Jean Quarcoopome, Co-Founder & Design Director, Kenga Media. Tickets are going for a cool GH₵200, and you can purchase them by simply dialing *928*529# for your tickets or you can whatsapp 0509396953/0244855312 for more information.

Golden Nugget
Amu Mawutor

Partners for the Golden Nugget event by Odum Events include Voltic Mineral Water, Hyperlink Media Africa, Ghana News Guide, Club Smooth, Eii Ghana, Edelicious Lifestyle, and yours truly, The Brew Show!

Golden Nugget
The Brew Show is honored to be a media partner for Odum Events’ Golden Nugget event

Wish to connect?

You can reach out to Odum Events by calling them on +233244855312 or emailing them at [email protected]. You can also click here to check out their Instagram!

Thanks for the time, and I hope to interact with you at the Golden Nugget event!

The Brew Show wishes each and every one of you a fabulous year full of excellent health, peace of mind, and success beyond your wildest dreams! In light of us recently chalking our third anniversary, I’d once again like to express my immense gratitude to all who’ve helped us along the way, especially my family, circle of friends, and my SantaMoga network! As always, please connect and also interact with The Brew Show on our FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn, and Instagram platforms. Thank you all for your time, and do have a great year guys!!!

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