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Fresh Revival virtual concert to renew the faith!

Fresh Revival

Apologies if I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but we’re truly in some testing times; and since we’re human, it’s understandable if they are vulnerable periods where we might lose a bit of our faith. Well, it’s time to cheer up; for not only do we have to rise above the gloom, but we also have a Fresh Revival event to look forward to!

What is the Fresh Revival event I speak of? Jamie says…

Officially known as the Fresh Revival Limitless V Virtual Concert; it’s an event that seeks to bring some much-needed cheer (which everyone needs, let’s be honest), all while delivering the Word as far and as impactfully as possible. Billed to perform on the night are Prince Matthews, Chris Ametepe, Emmanuel Bredu (who is also our esteemed host), Gideon Nhyiraba, Min. Raphiya and also Efo Xolali. It’s slated to start at 6 pm on the 31st of July 2020; and can be streamed via Facebook and Youtube, as well as being available on CeeJay TV.

Fresh Revival
The official flyer for the Fresh Revival Limitless V Virtual Concert

Lest I forget…

The virtual concert is ably supported by not only CeeJay Multimedia, Giggs Apparel, and BakPage Gh, but also 233 Times, WT Institute, Phoenix Kreativez, and yours truly, The Brew Show! Thank you for your time, and as always… Keep interacting with The Brew Show. Stay safe and have a good night!

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