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Successful GTIW Launch adds fuel to the promise of Ghana’s Tech industry


Techpreneurs and tech-enthusiasts can finally smile knowing they have a platform to recognize their amazing achievements, following the successful launch of the week-long Ghana Tech and Innovation Week (GTIW) on Friday at the rooftop of Electroland Ghana Ltd on the Ring Road in Accra!

Wondering what went down at the GTIW launch? Well, Jamie says…

Friday’s event saw the brains behind the GTIW, BlaqOrigin MMP Limited unveil the 28 categories that would see well-deserving players in the tech space competing for the prestige and honour during the main event in June. These categories are:



  • Digital Entertainer of the year
  • Digital Entertainment platform of the year
  • Digital Media Company of the year
  • Tech CXO of the year
  • Health Care Platform of the year
  • Most Innovative Research Lab Company of the year
  • Tech and Innovation Lab/Hub of the year
  • Consumer Technology Retail Company of the year
  • Digital Product of the year
  • Automobile Company of the year
  • Logistics Tech Company of the year
  • Tech Deployment of the year – Extraction sector
  • Tech Deployment of the year – Manufacturing sector
  • IOT Deploying of the year
  • Educational Technology Company of the year
  • Energy Solutions Innovator of the year
  • Water Processing Company of the year
  • Green Tech Company of the year
  • Telecommunications Company of the year
  • E-commerce Platform of the year
  • Woman of Excellence in Tech
  • AI Innovation of the year
  • Tech Security Company of the year
  • Smart Banking Tech Solution of the year
  • Business Process Automation System of the year
  • Tech Champion of the year
  • Hall of Fame awards
The Ghana Technology and Innovation Week is the first-ever 4-day world of technology experience in the country and was created to showcase exploits, promote excellence and also foster collaborations in the Ghanaian Technology and Innovation ecosystem.

But that’s not all that was said at the GTIW launch, there’s more!

The Executive Director of The Center for Human Security and Peace, Adib Saani who doubles as the Chairman of the Board of Jury believes the event will improve productivity amongst the youth in the face of massive unemployment while it solves a myriad of problems affecting the country. “Tech gives us endless opportunities to aspire to greater heights. This event is meant to encourage tech, promote conversations, not just reward but solve loads of socio-economic issues we’ve had to contend with as a country” Mr. Saani said. “We need to make our youth population productive, especially in the wake of massive unemployment with a lot of young people leaving school and not having anything to do” he added.

He also hailed the Vice President’s efforts to digitalize the economy by introducing a system whose foundations are tech-driven. “The Vice President’s effort to digitalize the economy has been progressive. I mean, we have seen recently at an event in the Central Region that the Vice President launched an E-travel card”, he said. “This means that before a government functionary travels out of the country, all information will be loaded onto the card. It ensures accountability so people won’t travel and not account for the money they have spent”.

“For years, we have also seen a lot of reforms in the public sector, especially with the introduction of the Ghana Integrated Financial Information Management System (GIFIMS) which is an IT-based accounting system that tracks all government expenditure even at the very decentralized level. This promotes accountability, promotes democracy, and ensures people don’t engage in acts that are inimical to the state. As far as I am concerned, it’s been good but there is still a lot to be done moving forward”, he concluded.

Following the launch of the GTIW, when is the main event happening?
The main event is scheduled to be held from June 23rd to June 25th.

Thanks for reading the article, and I wish the organizers of the GTIW the very best as they aim to elevate Ghana’s tech industry to new heights!

The Brew Show wishes each and every one of you a fabulous year full of excellent health, peace of mind, and success beyond your wildest dreams! I’d once again like to express my immense gratitude to all who’ve helped us along the way, especially my family, circle of friends, and my SantaMoga network!
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