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How to use your mobile phone to bag cool jobs


Whether you find it amusing, or annoying; we can agree it’s still taking a while to see people with their faces buried in their phones as opposed to books or newspapers. Indeed, most millennials are often accused of living their lives online and as a result; and in addition, are out of touch with reality. Truth is, most of the modern generation “waste” their time on social media and search engines; but while that might be the norm right now; here are a few ways to not only buck the trend but also profit by getting jobs from your cellphone.

What jobs can my phone really equip me for?

  • Social media management – How does that saying go again… oh yeah; if you can’t beat them; join them! You could capitalize on your large interactive fanbase and market yourself as a brand manager or influencer for companies craving new markets and a more vibrant audience.
  • Vlogger – Similarly to blogging, but with video content rather than text. The advantage with this is that you’re on the go; where the spontaneity keeps it fresh and lively; especially as the interactions keep pouring in. Now would be a good time to visit my YouTube channel!
James Brew Amissah of The Brew Show at the GHALCA-UPSA Executive course in Sports Management & Marketing (Image courtesy of GHALCA and taken by Parvis Dornu)
  • Content Creation – Now this is a true goldmine. If you are gifted with a good sense of humor; not to mention the ability to visualize and recreate ideas to be sampled as a response to trends; then you, my friend would definitely be in serious demand.
Put your phone to good use by taking up these options as cool jobs (image courtesy of Phoenix Kreativez)
Jamie says… check out this link to see what your laptop could also give you, career-wise

I really hope this post would be the fuse to ignite that spark! Time for more people to get off the threads on twitter and make some dinero from twitter; you fill me ese! Do feel free to point out any careers or jobs I may have left out.

Watch this video from my YouTube channel to get a better understanding

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