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Moga ’08 supports Alma mater with face masks donation

Moga '08

As part of their efforts to help fight against the spread of the coronavirus; the 2008 year group of the Mfantsiman Girls Senior High School, Moga ’08, donated face masks to their Alma mater this weekend.

Who are Moga ’08, and why did they feel the need to make the donation?

As has been noted; Moga ’08 is made of the Mfantsiman Girls (also known informally as Syte or alternatively as Mansyte) graduating class of 2008. If you’ve ever had an interaction with this particular year group; then it should also come as no surprise when you consider their generosity and commitment to their alma mater; as clearly evidenced this weekend. The year group; which was ably represented by their Amma Otu Danquah (Vice President), Natasha Ampiah (Organizing Secretary), Nana Yaa Mensah (Financial Secretary) as well as ex-welfare executive Sylvia Pearl Geermann; presented 2000 face masks on the 6th of March 2021 to the student body and 50 masks for the staff.

This donation by the year group; is to help curb the spread of the coronavirus and also to keep the students safe. It’s equally important to note that the presentation was not only done in the presence of the entire prefectorial board of the school but also received by the assistant head domestic; who in addition; was later joined by the Headmistress of the school.

Jamie says…

Moga '08
A snapshot of current Mfantsiman Girls Senior High School students

Massive thanks are in order for the entire Moga ’08 year group; especially to the ladies who made the long trip to Saltpond. With that in mind; The Brew Show encourages all Old Student Associations to take a page out of their book, and also not hesitate to support their schools in any way possible! As always; I encourage you to not only show your support for the blog by commenting on our posts and sharing the stories, but also by interacting with and following our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube social media channels. Do remember to have a great week everyone, and stay safe!

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