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Time to unwind with a special Movies in the Park open cinema!

Movies In The Park

I do hope you haven’t finalized your festive plans; because the 57 Open Air Cinema group presents a special Christmas Eve edition of Movies In The Park!

Where would Movies In The Park be held? And how much is it also going to cost?

This edition of Movies In The Park will be held at the Page Center event center; which is located in Sakaman and it’s also due to commence from 6:30 pm. In addition; the 30 gh ticket not only gets you a free drink but also some popcorn to enhance the experience! It’s safe to say; like the tagline says; that “Big is an understatement”, so do expect to be thrilled beyond your wildest dreams!

Jamie says… Don’t miss out on this amazing experience!

If you read the earlier post on Hype Up‘s unique drive-in cinema experience; then you should already be familiar with this exciting concept. I recommend it for the whole family; or alternatively, as an ideal setting for a special Christmas season date. I hope you enjoyed this interesting piece on an equally interesting concept; as always; I ask that you continue to interact with The Brew Show; especially on our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and also our Linkedin social media channels; and do note that I truly appreciate your feedback! Have a great weekend everyone, and to all; I say, Merry Christmas!!!

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